Merlynda Marlene  * Cabaret Ventriloquist *  
* Award Winning  Comedy  Ventriloquist
* Unique Comedy  Singing  Ventriloquist
* Award-Winning Comedy Singer-Songwriter 
 * Award-Winning Comedy Poet 
* Marlene Dietrich Tribute Artiste

M e r l y n d a   M a r l e n e

- C a b a r e t   A r t i s t e -

Award Winning Cabaret Comedy Songs Singer-Songwriter

Award Winning Romantic Love Ballads Singer-Songwriter

Comedy Singer - Entertainer

Romantic  Love Songs Chanteuse

Singing Ventriloquist

Marlene Dietrich Tribute Artiste


“Undoubtedly Fine Pieces.”  

-  BBC Radio 4    

“Really Enjoyed Listening!”  

-  Classic FM

“Thank you So Much for the Musical Evening -

EVERYONE Enjoyed It!

And said IT ADDED SOMETHING SPECIAL to the Party.”

 -  Baroness Golding

The House of Lords Party,  Belgravia,  London

A Very Big Thank You! - I received many compliments from our guests and I feel you really started off what was an Absolutely Perfect day for us. Thank You for Setting the Tone.”

 -  The Rainbow-Miller Event

The Elvetham Country Estate,  Elvetham,  Hampshire

“Listening to lately with great delight! 

Merlynda has a genuinely unusual dark-hued voice

with something of the range and timbre of

a vibrant Tenor Saxophone.  

She performs acappella, with piano accompaniment, and with orchestrated backing tracks. I particularly enjoyed ‘Smokey Moon’ with its evocative dubbed intro, its Cor Anglais obbligato and its Minor/Major oscillations. ‘BitterSweet Boy’ includes a lovely arc-shaped sequential melody, a genuine modern jazz texture, and some authentic Skat singing.  Another hit was ‘The Brussel Sprout Song’ - A Fun Cabaret item in the Flanders & Swann or Victoria Wood tradition.  I’d like to Thank her for letting me hear these Unique and Original Performances.”

- J  Conway,  Founder & Editor:

The British Association of Tonal Composers (BATCOM)

“Congratulations on your Highly-Commended Songwriter Award!  It was Very Well Deserved!”

 -  Spirit FM

“An Unusually large and low vocal range.” 

-  New York Singing Teachers Association,  New York,  USA

“Out of the many titles on that particular compilation CD -  YOURS did stand out! 


-  D  Paramor,  Former Manager:

EMI Music - United Artists - Dick James Music Ltd

"Merlynda's new disc contains eight tracks, six of them for piano - including a piano duet - Plus one for guitar -  And a synthesized piece which features an accordion and orchestral effects. 

All the tracks on this disc reveal quirkily attractive qualities and I particularly enjoyed the solo piano pieces: 'Lesson on a Tightrope' and 'Trapeze Entanglement' which perhaps reveal the influence of 20th century composers for the piano like Bartok and Soulima Stravinsky. 

For now though I'd like to concentrate on the first and last tracks on the album. 

'Alternator Shipyard' is a brilliant addition to the piano duet repertoire, written in a sunny G major with the odd mixolydian inflection.  I loved the procession of sturdy quick-fire themes, minimalistic, and yet bound together with delightful counterpoints above and below.  There's a slower episode before the recapitulation but the piece has unity and purpose. 

There's also a kind of innocence and charm beneath the surface musical sophistication which is tremendously appealing

The last track is dubbed 'Scorpions des Villes', a stunningly original piece which sounds as if it could be the finale of a concerto for piano accordion and strings.  Its three layers consist of accordion on top, pizzicato violas, and a string bass line.  As in 'Alternator Shipyard' there are minimalist tendencies in this fascinating piece and the repetitions gradually cast a hypnotic spell on the listener.  In its emotional effect though it's quite different to the earlier piece - dark, slightly menacing, sinister even …" 

- BATCOM - Newsletter No 16 - Article

- Author:  J  Conway - BATCOM

Founder:  The British Association of Tonal Composers

“An Unusual Voice - Fantastic! - So UNIQUE.”  

-  D  Taylor

“ I want to Congratulate Merlynda because I REALLY enjoyed her voice.   I can't get enough of Contraltos, their sound is so unique - rare - and attractive to me.  

I hope she becomes FAMOUS!"

 -  D  Unstan

“I had a lot of comments from everyone on how much they enjoyed the entertainment - 

How professional you were - And what a lot of effort you had gone to -

to make the Event the Success it was.”  

-  The Events Director

The Godwin Hospital Event, Surrey 

“First, last night’s Performance was FANTASTIC !  

- Well Done ! - And the CD was SUPER too!” 

-  S  Godwin - Director

Radio Lion